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Cortez is one of history's most classic Nike running shoes, also known as "Forrest Gump shoes", because Forrest Gump Forrest Gump wore these shoes, traveled to the United States, since, Cortez popular in the world. This is reflected in the design talent of Bill Bowman's first running shoes. The introduction of the concept of running shoes quickly became the industry standard. Its name change four times in two years. This is about the legality of running shoes name Last Stand.

Cortez Sole: Cortez a full-length EVA foam midsoles adds a thick layer of padding to keep your foot elevated over rugged surfaces. This style is exclusive, so the footwear is comfortable to put on and look effective shape. In case you are a people who like sports, then you have to require it. Compared with other footwear, place it to workout, you will feel specifically high-quality!

Women Cortez: Time flies, Cortez shoes is still a member of the Nike family, but it has turned into casual shoes from former "Ace" training shoe. Since its inception, there have been several Nike Cortez in the market debut. Including early hybrid shoes Nike Deluxe Cortez, Cortez in 1973, this summer the market, used to raise and padded heel shoe, after hard rubber heel plug and turn the leather surface. Followed by that in 1974 SenoritaCortez debut of women's shoes.

By the end of 1968, Cortez has become the year's best-selling running shoes. But designers still brewing more innovation for this running shoes, which shall benefit by Jeff Johnson (Jeff Johnson), nicknamed "49 cents grungy shower slippers."


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